Riccitiello: BF3 footage "got Koticks goat"

John Riccitiello is confident his company has got Kotick’s goat” with Battlefield 3.

The EA chief was speaking to Reuters about claims from Bobby Kotick that all of the BF3 footage seen so far has been from the PC version.

Riccitiello assured fans that it was console footage, and cheekily suggested that this had scared the Activision boss.

The rivalry between the two companies will come to a head this autumn with the release of EA’s Battlefield 3 on October 25th and Activision’s Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th.

[E3 is] the beginning of the war and [Kotick] recognises [Activision is] going to be threatened,” he said. We’re going to have a clash of the titans this fall. The very fact that he’s trying to cast doubt on our game is a perfect example of how we got his goat.

In terms of where this goes, we think our PS3 game is better than their Xbox game and our PC game is better than their PC game. If that’s all he’s got to say, it’s obviously going to evaporate as we launch all three.

If you went to our press conference, you saw the PS3 footage and the Xbox footage. If Bobby thinks that is PC footage, he’s in real trouble.”

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