Riccitiello: We have the winning formula

EA CEO John Riccitiello has admitted that he doesn’t like some of Activision Blizzard’s business practices – and stated that, when it comes to the right business model, his company has the winning formula”.

Speaking to MTV, Riccitiello also stated that the battle between the platform holders – including Apple – was good for both third-party publishers and consumers.

In addition, he said that EA make the bullets” in the supposed ‘console war’.

The direction EA is following, which is game-quality first, creator first, that’s the winning formula,” he commented.

Our competitors can do what it is they do. Activision and Blizzard and all the stuff they’ve got, and the controlling interest from Vivendi — that’s another story. They make some games I like, some games I don’t. They have some business practices I like and business practices I don’t.

But, all in all, they’re running their business their way. And they’re successful with it. The key thing is that I think the best long-term strategy puts creativity and the consumer first. If we get that right, we’ll be as successful as we want to be.”

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