Richard Keith forms Games Tribe

Erstwhile Future publisher Richard Keith has set up a new online games media company, called The Games Tribe.

Launching in the first week of October it will be, in part but not only, an aggregation hub for a range of niche sites.

Some will be existing, low budget outfits that sign up to a partner programme; others will be new sites of original content created by Keith and his team. The Games Tribe aims to launch up to 20 new sites before Christmas.

It will also offer its partner sites a menu of services, including advertising sales, research and marketing.

The result, Keith asserts, will be an online network able to offer advertisers a way to reach a defined and measurable audience of real gamers”.

He told MCV: I believe that the future of games media is not to be found in monolithic games sites trying to be all things to all people but in the smaller, community driven sites. This is where the real gamers can be found – the passionate, engaged core.

The Games Tribe is based on the idea that the most creative and interesting writing, thinking and talking about video games comes from tribes of passionate, engaged communities of gamers. These are the gamers that The Games Tribe reaches. It’s about relevance and impact: targeting the exact types of gamers marketers are aiming for on each campaign.”

Meanwhile, The Games Tribe will make its public debut at the Games Media Awards, where it will sponsor, very appropriately, the Games Blog category.

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