Riot and Activision make Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list

The creators of League of Legends and Call of Duty have once again made it into Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ league table.

Riot Games features in 39th place, down from 13 last year. Stats show that 23 per cent of its workforce is female and that its average base salary is $128k. It also receives an average of 71 applicants per job opening. It employs 1,304 people in the US and 561 overseas.

Riot… welcomes new Rioters not with paperwork, but with ‘Denewbification’: an intensive immersion that starts with – what else? – a session of gaming,” the entry reads. If new hires decide Riot’s not a fit before the end of their first 60 days, they will be offered up to 10 per cent of their annual salary (up to $25,000) as an incentive to quit.

As part of an open paid-time-off policy, the company places no limit on vacation or sick days spent outside of the office. It’s up to Rioters to design what kind of schedule works for them, and to stay home when they’re not feeling well.”

Activision, meanwhile, climbs the rankings, jumping from 96th to 77th. 17 per cent of its workforce is female and 31 per cent are non-white. 99 people apply for every job, on average. It employs 4,773 staff in the US and 2,431 in other territories.

On the day of the annual release of Call of Duty, workers from all levels don costumes and participate in a company-wide squirt gun battle,” Fortune says. One employee described the event as ‘the best day of my life every year’.

In an industry with a reputation for male-centricity, Activision has set up a networking group where women can discuss their experiences and favourite games. The firm has also added more female avatars to its games.”

This is the second year both companies have made the list.

Google sits pretty in first place, as it was in 2015. Others on the list include Autodesk (54th), Adobe (87th) and Deloitte (90th). You can check out the full thing here.

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