Rising Star – Flo Burchill, assistant producer and social media manager at Snap Finger Click

Flo Burchill, assistant producer and social media manager at Snap Finger Click, talks about entertaining people in her job where every day is different. 

How did you break into games?

I broke into games in 2020 with my first job at Snap Finger Click, where I still am today. I was a university student at the time studying French, Spanish and Italian and I saw a job on the university job board for a Twitch streamer. At the time, I hadn’t even heard of Twitch but I loved games and had a background in presenting and performing so I applied and got the job. Unfortunately, this was in March of 2020, a GREAT time to start a brand new job! I only had one stream in the studio before I ended up streaming by myself from home for over a year, figuring out the platform bit by bit every week.

After I graduated, I was offered more hours and a promotion to production assistant, managing the social media, and helping out with various production tasks. A few months later, I was promoted again to assistant producer and started working full time. In this role, which I love, I wear multiple hats for example, brainstorming game ideas, writing voiceover scripts for characters and helping with the project management on multiple projects alongside running the social media and streaming once a week on Twitch.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?

My proudest achievement is the engagement we’ve had on TikTok! I created Snap Finger Click’s TikTok account when I started as production assistant and since then we’ve amassed over 10k followers, our highest on any platform. Our videos get great engagement for an indie studio including one which has over four million views! We were also invited to take part in TikTok’s Festival of Games where I livestreamed ACT IT OUT XL!, our charades-like party game, with TikTok viewers. It was so much fun and we had almost 100k views over the hour!

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Probably creating the Awkward card game which is our first physical card game, based on our videogame Awkward. I was in charge of organising the artwork, writing the game text, and promoting the Kickstarter campaign. I’m now working on getting our games through the manufacturing and fulfilment stages and into our backers’ hands. This was all a first for both myself and Snap Finger Click so it was certainly a learning experience!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that the main aim of my job is to help create a product with the sole purpose of entertaining people and making them happy. I also love that every day is different which keeps my job interesting and fun.

What’s your biggest ambition in games?

I hope to continue streaming and working in my role at Snap Finger Click, and I’d also love to pursue more presenting within the games industry.

What advice would you give to an aspiring assistant producer?

My best advice would be to always take notes and make lists of the tasks you have to complete as soon as they crop up. I am often busy with multiple projects which makes it so easy to forget and lose track of important tasks and information, so constantly keeping notes is a lifesaver. Oh, and use an app that makes ticking off tasks satisfying because that little hit of dopamine is always a plus.

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