Rising Star guns for glory with Deathsmiles

The European edition of Deathsmiles is expected to be a smash hit when it hits shelves this spring.

Publisher Rising Star is confident that exclusive content will draw out fans, while the title’s broad appeal will ensure long-term sales among casual gamers.

The European edition will be a collectible in its own right, offering content not available in either of the Japanese or US editions,” product manager Yen Hau told MCV.

It is something unique to Europe, which will make collectors very happy. We expect incredibly good figures at retail.”

The nature of the exclusive European content will be announced in the New Year.

The side-scrolling shooter will be the first boxed UK release for renowned Japanese developer Cave, which has already amassed a strong Western fanbase.

Rising Star believes the game will further boost Cave’s reputation in the UK.

Deathsmiles is perfectly suited to the Xbox 360 market,” product manager Yen Hau told MCV.

The gameplay is clearly tailored to the hardcore gamer but also has enough scope for casual gamers to enjoy.”

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