Robinson: The Journey will hit PSVR next month

Crytek’s upcoming dinosaur VR experience, Robinson: The Journey will launch on PSVR next month.

While no date was ever given for the title before now many assumed that it would be a launch title for PSVR, which launched today. Instead it will miss the launch by a few weeks, hitting shelves on November 8th in the States and November 9th over here in Europe.

Many people who have played Robinson: The Journey pre release have come away thoroughly impressed, with some saying it is one of the best VR experiences ever. Fortunately we now don’t have long to wait to find that out for ourselves.

Of course anyone who has picked up a PSVR today probably isn’t in need of extra games to play. The headset itself comes with an extensive demo disk, and many major titles such as Batman Arkham VR, RIGS and Eve Valkyrie have all launched today.

With so much going on with PSVR, we created this handy guide to PSVR merchandise, and found the perfect video showing how to set it all up. Although remember that setting it up in an area with very bright light or reflective surfaces could mess with the VR tracking and cause you some issues.

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