Rock Band’s UK release gets hefty backing

Rock Band is set to

hit European Xbox 360s later this month

, and EA’s UK office is readying a rocking marketing campaign in support.

The game has shifted nearly two million units since it was released in North America last year, and has won numerous awards and critical acclaim.

However, UK gamers have had to wait for their chance to form a virtual band, with the 360 version set to arrive on UK shores on May 23rd.

We are very excited about launching Rock Band this month and this will be reflected in the marketing of the game,” EA’s marketing manager Stuart Lang told MCV.

We are still finalising our full plans but it’s fair to say there is a significant spend behind Rock Band and we will be everywhere gamers and music lovers exist.”

Rock Band is currently a temporary exclusive on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, with the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Wii editions due later in the year. EA has partnered up with Microsoft in time for the game’s launch.

Microsoft has been a fantastic partner in helping us bring Rock Band to Europe and we’re excited to be working with them for the Xbox 360 launch in May,” added Lang.

There will be an instruments edition featuring one guitar, a drum set and microphone. All the Rock Band software and peripherals will be sold separately so we can give our consumers the greatest amount of choice possible.”

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