"Rock ‘n’ roll is about f*****g, games are about w*****g"

UK daily broadsheet The Guardian has

chosen to stick up for the games industry

following an article in yesterday’s NME magazine that attacked titles like Rock Band and Guitar Hero for deterring kids from playing real musical instruments.

The NME piece quoted Q Radio presenter David Quantick as stating: Games are not rock ‘n’ roll, they’re metal – aggressive, loud, violent and scared of women. You can’t dance to a game or have sex to it. Games are still for nerds. Rock ‘n’ roll is about f*****g, games are about w*****g. Rock music makes you leave the house and meet drugs, games make you stay in and smell of your own p**s.”

In response, Guardian blogger Keith Stuart today commented: The piece begins with a rather familiar complaint, this time voiced by Chad Kroeger of Nickleback, that games like Guitar Hero are diverting kids away from taking up real instruments.

Personally, I feel that if Guitar Hero has prevented the foundation of just one new Nickleback-inspired band, Harmonix, the creator the Guitar Hero series, should be given some sort of medal.”

So that’s a big thumbs up for The Guardian, then. And a saliva-coated pigeon’s head for NME.

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