Rocket League has made $110m

Car-football title Rocket League continues to be a smash hit for developer Psyonix.

Speaking to Forbes, the studio’s VP of comms Jeremy Dunham aid that the game has raked in an impressive $110m in sales. That does not count the times it was downloaded on PlayStation Plus on its launch.

That’s on top of unit sales of over 5m across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

If that wasn’t enough, a further 5m units of DLC sold. More than 15m gamers have played Rocket League since its July 2015 launch, with Forbes reporting that over it had over 5m active players in this April.

The PS4 SKU – including free PlayStation Plus downloads – makes up 42 per cent of Rocket League’s total active player base. Steam meanwhile counts for 36 per cent, while Xbox One is just 22 per cent.

It’s worth noting that the PS4 and PC editions debuted in July 2015; the Xbox One version launched in February of this year.

All of the above is just for a digital release too. Rocket League is coming to physical retail this month courtesy of 505 Games.

Dunham went on to tell Forbes about how Psyonix’s approach to DLC has helped Rocket League’s popularity.

One of the things you see in a lot of multiplayer games is that over time usually the player base gets smaller and smaller as more and more DLC is added to the environment, because fewer and fewer people are buying those items,” Dunham told Forbes.

Since we only sell cosmetic items and cars we aren’t cutting anyone out of the equation, and that’s why our numbers are actually going up month after month after month our active player base has been increasing for five months in a row.”

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