Rockstar renews Agent trademark

Agent, an elusive supposed PS3 exclusive that has been long forgotten by many could still feature in Rockstar’s plans.

Siliconera reports that Take-Two has registered two new trademarks for Agent, both of which are for use with video games.

Agent was first announced in June 2009. It was at the time described as being set in the 1970s with players travelling across the globe tackling a world of espionage and assassins”.

Sony’s Jack Tretton said at its reveal that Sony expects Agent to have the same must have value as Grand Theft Auto”.

Since then little has been said of the title, with the last official comment being Take-Two’s confirmation that it was still in development in mid 2011.

In 2010 Michael Pachter claimed that Agent was handed to Sony as an exclusive to make up for the decision to make Grand Theft Auto IV a multiformat title.

GTA IV was going to be a PS3 exclusive, but Microsoft paid Rockstar and Take-Two to make it a non-exclusive, and they paid them a lot,” Pachter reckons.

Sony said to Take-Two ‘You’ve got to give us something else’ and the something else was a zombie game that Rockstar wanted to work on. But while Rockstar was in the planning phase, Dead Rising came out and Left 4 Dead was announced. Rockstar realised they were up against a saturated market and Valve. And ‘what can we possibly do that will be any better than what Valve’s done?’.

They started again and that’s when they came up with the idea of The Agent, which nobody actually knows what it is. That is the back story.”

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