Rogue Games pivots to console games – appointing Reggie Fils-Aimé as strategic advisor

Rogue Games, best known over here for working with Jon Hare on Sociable Soccer, has just taken a big step up in its ambitions with the appointment of Reggie Fils-Aimé as a strategic advisor to the company.

Fils-Aimé’s huge experience from Nintendo will be utilised as the company expands into “console and PC gaming platforms from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony,” a statement said.

“When Rogue shared its console vision with me and I saw the first games that will be arriving this summer on platforms like Nintendo Switch, I was immediately impressed by the levels of ambition and innovation,” said Reggie Fils-Aimé. “I’m always on the lookout for fast-growing and innovative companies that are ready to shape the future of games and I’m excited to join Rogue in their mission to unite and simplify games publishing across all platforms.”

Rogue Games notes that the new console hardware brings with it “new opportunities for publishers emerge to showcase the power of the new technology and create the next generation of game experiences for players.”

This is a big step for the company though, which to date has largely worked on Apple Arcade projects. The confidence of Fils-Aimé is intriguing, making Rogue now one to watch.

“Rogue has assembled an all-star team of industry leaders whose North Star is publishing fresh, innovative, stylish, and oftentimes outrageous games that stand out in a crowded marketplace,” said Matt Casamassina, Co-founder and CEO of Rogue Games. “Reggie brings to the table his unrivaled experience in the console arena which is invaluable to us as we expand our portfolio to include incredible games on Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and PC.”

“Games are constantly taking new shapes and forms with pick-up-and-play instant action on any device or screen size,” said Chris Archer, Chief Strategy Officer at Rogue Games. “We’re really excited about our deep pipeline of fun and innovative games built by passionate developers and can’t wait to launch these titles on console and PC platforms beginning this summer.”

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