Rogue get into competitive Destiny 2 ahead of September 6 launch

Esports organisation Rogue has become the first organisation to hire professional Destiny players for Destiny 2. 

The team announced on Sunday that they had picked up six competitive Destiny players and streamers, ’Dr0ptacularr’, ‘DrLupo’, ‘Flankxr’, ‘Lil Sonic’, ‘Extremlzm’, and ‘WaRbulletproof’.

The decision is somewhat noteworthy because there’s not much of a competitive scene for Destiny, and Destiny 2 doesn’t even have private lobbies at launch. Bungie has so far been unable to confirm exactly when esports features for Destiny 2 will come out, although it’s worth mentioning that custom lobbies for competitive matches for the original Destiny didn’t come to the game until September 2016. 

Rogue have also hired six players, when Destiny’s multiplayer competitive bouts are four vs four, although has explained this away as two players being on PC and two on console, with the remaining duo floating between console and PC as they’re needed. 

Destiny 2 launches on September 6. 

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