Rolocule announces Dance Party for Apple TV, iOS

Rolocule Games today revealed its second Rolomotion title, Dance Party.

Dance Party is a rhythm dance game, similar to Dance Central or Just Dance. The difference is that this game uses the studio’s Rolomotion tech that delivers motion-controlled gaming via iPhone and Apple TV.

The game features local and asynchronous online multiplayer, as well as a ‘blind mode’ for expert dancers, single player mode, and online dance offs. It also tracks calories burnt per session by day, week and month, and will support the newly announced HealthKit in iOS 8.

Rolocule hasn’t released any details about the game’s soundtrack though.

Rolomotion recently won the Silver Edison Award for innovation in the entertainment industry, and Dance Party is the second game to support the tech. Rolocule claims the new game reduces mirroring lag to make it twice as responsive as its predecessor, Motion Tennis.

Dance Party is scheduled for release in July, but Rolocule plans to give early access to players who signing up at game’s official website.

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