ROUNDUP: Sony E3 press conference

With Microsoft having thrown such a great show yesterday, the pressure was on Sony to do the same tonight – a challenge it certainly rose to.

It’s motion tech may be a little me-too, but seems technically sound. Where it really impressed though was with its blossoming support for PSP and its slate of quality PS3 titles – including an exclusive Rockstar title and what can arguably be called the title of the show, Final Fantasy XIV.

Here’s the complete recap.

‘We’re committed to PS2’

Uncharted 2 takes centre stage

MAG demonstrated, dated for Fall

PSP video content goes direct

Gran Turismo PSP finally nears release

MGS Peace Walker confirmed

PSN hits 465 million downloads

Assassin’s Creed 2 features PSP link-up

Modnation Racers for PS3 presented at E3

GT5 shown off

Project Trico becomes The Last Guardian

God of War III savages conference

Resident Evil Portable shown

PSP Go officially announced

New Rockstar game exclusive to PS3

PS3 motion control confirmed

FFXIV unveiled in shock announcement

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