RSG Deadly serious about horror hit

Publisher Rising Star Games expects Deadly Premonition to achieve the same cult status it enjoyed in the US.
The Xbox 360 survival horror game became a best-seller when it hit North America in February – despite divisive reviews.

The game’s reviews varied from 10/10 on Destructoid to as low as 2/10 on IGN, but a low price tag and word of mouth made it one of the year’s most surprising hits.

Deadly Premonition came in under the radar in the US, with a competitive price point that set it apart,” said Rising Star’s product manager Yen Hau.

What propelled the game to the forefront of consumer attention was the feedback. Critical reception was mixed, but user feedback couldn’t be any more consistently positive.

This enthusiasm was picked up by others, leading to one of the biggest underground success stories in recent times.”

As with its US release, the game will arrive in the UK at a lower price point in order to broaden its appeal.

In a time when retailers are calling for the price of games to drop, Deadly Premonition will be available at a competitive price from the start,” said Hau.

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