RUMOUR: PS4 codenamed Orbis; Includes anti pre-owned tech; Due 2013

Yet another rumour has pointed to the next PlayStation launching alongside the Xbox 360 successor in 2013.

But Kotaku claims to have word from what it calls a reliable source” of some quite detailed specs for the new machine, way beyond anything published to date.

Firstly, it claims the new tech is operating under the codename PlayStation Orbis. As it points out, when combined with the name of its new handheld, ‘Orbis Vita’ means ‘Circle of Life’.

It reckons the early build of the device packs an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU, meaning it will be a powerhouse machine easily able to pump out full 60fps/1080p/3D visuals.

Contentiously, it is also said that the new machine will (like some have said of the Next Xbox) incorporate technology that will block the use of pre-owned games.

Games will be available on either Blu-ray disc or download and will be locked to individual PSN accounts. Interestingly, even games purchased physically will be available to download over PSN at any date after purchase.

Permanent online access and a PSN account will be required to activate and play titles, as we sometimes see with PC games. Pre-owned titles will be compatible with other machines, but will only offer limited functionality once linked to another PSN account.

It will also apparently offer no backwards compatibility with PS3, PS2 or PSOne titles.

Select Sony partner developers have reportedly already got their hands on early dev kits with a view to the first titles being ready in 2013 to coincide with the launch of the console.

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