Rumours of Ubisoft+ becoming part of Game Pass look far fetched

Rumours are circulating that Ubisoft’s subscriptions service, Ubisoft+ (previously Uplay+) might join Xbox Game Pass, in a similar manner to the EA Play deal that wowed us last year.

Window’s Central Jez Corden noted on Twitter (via NME) that he had seen rumours about the service joining up with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Creating a raft of news stories salivating offer the potential value that would add to Microsoft’s service.

However, there are significant differences between EA’s and Ubisoft’s services as they stand. For starters, Ubisoft+ isn’t currently available on any console, including Xbox, unlike EA Play when it made it’s big move.

A launch of the service on Xbox is a possibility of course, and it’s always possible that such a move could be what is driving the current rumours. Although it seems unlikely Xbox would place the service as it stands, which would simply be a direct competitor, on its platform in 2021.

Ubisoft+ at present is a single-tier premium service, offering all of Ubisoft’s latest titles day-and-date – alongside pretty much its full contemporary back catalogue. While the EA deal added huge amounts of content to Game Pass, it was only the lower tier of back catalogue titles, rather than the latest releases.

That said the EA Play completely blindsided us, so anything feels possible right now in the games subscription space. Ubisoft could devise a two-tier offering for Game Pass inclusion, with a top-up cost for those who want the latest titles.

It’s all just speculation at present of course, but after the EA Play deal, it felt worth getting ahead of the options this time around.

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