Rumours point to possible fourth DLC release for Dark Souls 2

The third and final bit of DLC for Dark Souls 2 may not be as final as was previously thought.

As spotted on Reddit, a Steam database update posted yesterday added information pertaining to testdlc4” to the game. This follows the labelling pattern used for the previous DLC releases.

Bandai Namco’s press release for September’s Crown of the Ivory King DLC referred to the content as the final chapter of the Lost Crowns trilogy” and used the term grand finale”, although this does not preclude additional content beyond the trilogy.

The game’s Season Pass only ever offered access to Lost Crowns content, so any possible additional DLC may not be included in the 19.99 pass.

Older Reddit rumours claimed that DLC events” were scheduled for early November and the week before Christmas, with Unnamed DLC” scheduled for Q1 and Q2 2015.

The access points for this content were said to be the Lost Sinner Primal Bonfire, the ship in Lost Bastille, Nashandra’s Painting in Drangleic Castle and
the Book in Majula’s Mansion respectively.

Last month Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanimura said that there was potential” for a next-gen port of the game.

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