Russian media links MW2 to bombing

Government-financed satellite news channel Russia Today has pointed the finger at Modern Warfare 2 following the recent terrorist attack in the country.

Earlier this week a suicide bomber detonated a 7kg bomb at Russia’s Domodedovo airport, killing 35 people and injuring a further ten. It is though that North Caucasus militant groups were behind the atrocity.

2009’s Call of Duty title is infamous for including a level called ‘No Russian’ in which players assume the role of an undercover officer taking part in a terrorist attack in a Russian airport. Players are not required to attack civilians, but are free – should they choose – to gun down families and onlookers as the group slowly progresses through the terminal.

The New York Times reports that the channel put emphasis on the fact that the game is American made. Interviewee Walid Phares of Fox News claimed: I think those who have been radicalized already — let’s suppose in this case jihadists, Al Qaeda or some other kind — they look at the games and say these games will serve them to train."

In Russia Activision chose to omit the level from Modern Warfare 2, while other territories such as Japan received alterations that saw players automatically fail the level if they shot an innocent.

At the time the game attracted plenty of controversy, with religious leaders and, unsurprisingly, the Daily Mail lining up to call for it to be banned.

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