Sam Houser stumps up for Obama



GamePolitics has an interesting post up dissecting the various filings available on each of the presendtial candidates, and has sifted through the Republican and Democrat donations lists to find key luminaries.

Did you know Will Wright was a republican? Does it surprise you that Sam Houser and John Riccitiello were the biggest spenders, donating close to $5000 each to Barak Obama?

Key highlights are:

Republican contributors:

* Will Wright: (Spore, The Sims) $3,000 to McCain; previously donated $2,350 to Giuliani
* Bobby Kotick (Activision CEO) $2,300 to McCain; previously donated $2,100 to Romney
* Curt Schilling (38 Studios) $2,300 to McCain.

Democratic contributors:

* Strauss Zelnick (Chairman, Take-Two) $2,000 to Obama; had previously donated to $2,500 to Edwards, $1,000 each to Biden & Richardson
* Ben Feder (CEO, Take-Two) contributed $1,000 to Biden in 2007
* Sam Houser (Rockstar) $4,600 to Obama
* Patricia Vance (president, ESRB) $2,000 to Obama
* John Riccitiello (CEO, EA) $4,600 to Obama
* John Smedley (Sony Online Entertainment) $2,300 to Obama
* Richard Garriott aka "Lord British" (Ultima series, NC Soft) $2,300 to Hillary Clinton
* Alex Rigopulos (CEO, Harmonix) $32,900 to Obama
* Kathy Vrabeck (president, EA Casual) $2,300 to Obama
* Gabe Newell (pres., Valve) $2,300 to Dodd

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