Samsung blocks video of GTA V mod that turns the Note 7 into a bomb

Samsung has issued a takedown notice to a video on YouTube showcasing a GTA V mod that replaces the game’s sticky bombs with the Note 7 phone.

The mod for Grand Theft Auto V on PC replaces the model for the sticky bombs with a model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone, which has recently hit the headlines for exploding and catching fire. This allows players to throw a Note 7 into a crowd and then detonate it, creating a significant explosion.

Unsurprisingly Samsung didn’t find this as funny as most people, so have issued a DMCA takedown notice to one of the most popular videos of the mod. At the time of writing only one video showcasing the mod has been taken down. So you can still see the explodingNote 7’s causing havoc in Los Santos in many othervideos.

Unfortunately for Samsung this move has seemingly done more harm than good. Many people have criticised the company for sending the takedown notice, as the video does not infringe on any Samsung copyrights. A DMCA takedown notice should only be used for a video that directly infringes on copyright.

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