Scuf Gaming launches new Xbox One accessories designed to help pro players

If you like the look of that fancy Xbox One Elite Controller but can’t justify dropping £100 or more on it then you may just be in luck, as Scuf has some new toys for you.

The new SCUF ELITE Paddle Control System & Directional Bias D-pad Kit allows you to convert your Xbox One controller into a mini Elite controller, with up to four paddles that sit on the back of the pad and can be used to hit the face buttons without having to move thumbs from the sticks.

For those wondering, this is great for the likes of Call of Duty as players can activate the jetpacks and boosts, as well as reload or crouch, without having to stop aiming. At pro levels if you don’t have a set up like this you almost stand no chance.

The D-pad in the kit makes hitting it quicker and easier along with supposedly being more comfortable.

Scuf will soon be releasing new thumbsticks and grips for controllers that are designed to make them more comfortable and last longer than the standard issue items.

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