Scuf Gaming reveals two new PS4 controllers

Scuf Gaming has revealed two new PS4 controllers, one of which implements four paddles for the first time on the console. 

The two new controllers are known as the SCUF IMPACT and SCUF Infinity4PS PRO. Both controllers feature the innards of the new PS4 controller, including improved wired connectivity options. 

The Infinity4PS Pro is an update of Scuf’s Infinity line, which is used by many of the best Call of Duty players. While the layout of the controller is pretty much the same, the internals have been improved to give better response times on the paddles, along with other improvements. 

The Scuf IMPACT is a totally new line, that makes the PS4 pad a little bigger, almost resembling the dimensions of the Xbox One controller. This big pad allows for four paddles on the back, which is a first for a Scuf PS4 controller. It is supposedly the most innovative Scuf yet, so you can probably expect a few pro players to make the switch pretty soon. 

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Founder of Scuf Gaming said, “Innovating and continually raising the bar to offer new levels of functionality, comfort and customization is what drives us. We’re thrilled to release 2 new SCUF controllers; 1.) The SCUF Infinity4PS PRO is a wonderful evolution of the Infinity series with advances in technology that answer and exceed the requests of the competitive PlayStation 4 gaming community, including the removable paddles! 2.) The SCUF IMPACT is a project we have been working on for the last 15 months and is our best SCUF yet! We have totally re-engineered the extremities and curvature of the controller to offer an alternative for multiple hand sizes whilst creating space for four paddles.”

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