Second Game Wave Festival to happen in September

The Game Wave Festival has announced that it will return in September, at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel in Tallinn.

The event, which is set to take place between September 27, 2022 and October 2, 2022, is described as “a business, education and entertainment event for gaming industry professionals”. Its first three days will be dedicated to a game jam, where developers from around the world can collaborate on micro-projects. 

When asked about the event,  Ints Viksna, Chairman of Board at the Latvian Technological Center said “Game Wave Festival is an expressive way to celebrate glorious game development heritage, culture and traditions, meet new and old faces, and have fun. It is professional, oriented to have serious business talks, and cozy, to make friends with almost all attendees. I am happy to welcome all of you to the 2nd Game Wave Festival!” 

Alongside conferences and workshops, visitors will be able to pitch to publishers and attend parties. The parties listed on the schedule include a pool party, so it’d be wise to pack a swimsuit. 

If you want to learn more about the event, or want to book tickets, you can find additional information here.

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