Second pressure group begins anti Xbox One campaign

A new online campaign called Xbox Shun! is attempting to put pressure on Microsoft to abandon its DRM policies for the Xbox One.

At the time of writing the campaign has attracted 1,037 supporters on its official site.

Microsoft is now the biggest threat videogames have ever seen,” the somewhat dramatic introduction reads. The Xbox One will introduce restrictions and a removal of basic rights that will effect us all. WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

While gamers have always enjoyed true ownership of their games, being able to share them with friends, sell them on and play them wherever they are, this is all about to change. Microsoft, if unchallenged, is about to lock down games.

All it takes is for as many people as possible to genuinely shun the Xbox One, and Microsoft will have to give in. We do not have to just put up with it. Ultimately, we are in control – we just need to be tough enough to stand our ground.”

Xbox Shun! follows in the footsteps of NeoGaf’s #XBOXONENoDRM and #PS4NoDRM campaigns.

Of course, all the pressure groups in the world count for shite if consumers choose to still buy the thing – something that certainly appears to be happening.

And if the last few weeks have shown us anything it’s that companies are not especially responsive to online protest. The truth is that shouting loudly on the internet is cheap. There’s only one form of action that companies will listen to – consumers not buying product. Which of course we’re all completely free to do if we don’t like what Microsoft is offering.

If Xbox One sales prove to be below Microsoft’s expectations then you can be certain that Microsoft will suddenly become very interested in what the public has to say. But until then it’s unlikely that such protests will trouble Redmond.

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