Sega delays "finished" Anarchy Reigns in the West

Developer Platinum Games has said that publisher Sega has delayed Anarchy Reigns in Europe and North America – despite the fact that the game is finished.

The date for the game has been changed to TBC even though, in Platinum’s words our work on the game is finished, localized, and ready to go”.

Speaking on the Platinum blog, a representative added (as reported by Polygon): "That means ‘to be confirmed’, not ‘to be cancelled’. We worked really hard to make sure everybody could get the game on time. The game is fully localized. If you buy the Japanese version or any version, it’s going to have all the languages in it.

We really wanted everybody online around the world to play together at the same time, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

"In the West, Sega is looking for the best time to put it out. It will still be out in July [in Japan]. There will still be ways for you to get it if you know where to go. We’re still 100 per cent behind the game and we still want to connect with you and play with you and have a good time. So let’s make sure that happens no matter what bad news we get."

Platinum’s obvious defensiveness about the game’s Western prospects inadvertently begs the obvious question – is the game being scrapped outside of Japan?

After all, Sega’s recent record with boxed product isn’t the best, and the company is currently realigning its business structure to grow its digital focus.

Anarchy Reigns will be released in Japan on July 5th.

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