Sega issues Move and Natal challenge

In a bold challenge to both Sony and Microsoft, Sega’s European and North American boss Mike Hayes has said that both must deliver on their promised sales targets – or face the possibility of publishers walking away from the devices.

The challenge for both first parties is to make sure the installed base of these devices is as high as they’ve claimed it will be,” he told CVG.

If you look at how many Xbox 360s or PS3s there in Europe – let’s say 12m of each. If they get an attached rated of 12.5 per cent with these motion devices, that’s 2.5m consumers for us to go after. If 10 per cent of those buy our games, that’s 250k.

"How much money can you realistically spend on development for that audience?

But Microsoft and Sony are talking very big numbers. If they can achieve that, it will make these devices very viable. Could sales of Natal hit 50 per cent of those current installed base? We think the price point will be very attractive. 360 has a long way to go with a lot more hardware.”

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