Sega plots Samba De Amigo chart shake-up

Returning Dreamcast classic Samba De Amigo is to dance its way onto Wii next month, and Sega has told MCV that the game will embrace a whole new audience.

Samba De Amigo became a cult sensation when it was released back in 2000, and now Sega is preparing to bring the franchise back, complete with Wii Remote add-ons and downloadable music packs.

We’ve made a game that the hardcore will enjoy, but it’ll also embrace this new casual audience,” said product manager Ben Payne. 95 per cent of those who’ll buy Samba will never have heard of the Dreamcast version, and that’s because it’s a game for everyone."

Payne also feels that with the recent success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, that Samba De Amigo could be more relevant now than it was when it was first released.

In the Dreamcast days we made a game that was a bit before its time, especially in terms of licensed music. Now Singstar and Guitar Hero have come and owned that section, but what we’re doing is something more light-hearted. It’s a game where you just collapse in fits of giggles.”

Samba De Amigo is due for release September 19th, with an SRP of 34.99.

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