Sega reveals Platinum new IP

Sega has unveiled three new titles as part of a four game deal with Platinum Games, a Japanese studio made up of some of the personnel and talent behind hits like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and Steel Battalion.

The studio will produce Bayonetta on 360 and PS3, Mad World on Wii and Infinite Lines For DS, along with one other unnamed title. The first of the titles will be released within the next year.

Mike Hayes, Sega UK CEO, said IP is the one area that has been out of reach for us. These are fantastic original titles and it’s a very exciting time for us at Sega.”

One of the titles that initially attracted Sega to the studio is the Wii game Mad World, which features cartoon style extreme violence in a striking black and white where blood red is the only colour.

Bayonetta is an action game from the makers of Devil May Cry for Xbox 360 and PS3. The game features a reborn witch in the modern era who battles with angels using guns on her hands and feet for a unique action experience.

DS title Infinite Lines completes the trio, enabling players to become captain of a customisable spaceship like Captain Kirk from Star Trek".

President of Platinum Games Tatsuya Minami said: We wanted to create titles with a wide appeal, that can be enjoyed right across the globe. We were looking to find a partner who would follow the dream – that’s when we met Sega. Sega had the courage to accept the dream.”

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