Sega wants to revive some of its classic IPs

Streets of Rage, Blazing Heroes, Full Auto, Panzer Dragoon, After Burner, Seaman, Virtua Cop – let your imaginations run wild.

Sega has published a new ‘Road to 2020‘ roadmap in which it says that part of its strategy for creating titles that will become global hits” is to resurrect some of its rich catalogue of IPs.

‘Revival IPs’, ‘Existing IPs’, ‘New IPs’ and ‘External IPs’ are all name dropped in the strategy, as well as the intention to develop new titles across consoles, mobile and PC. The company also wants to expand areas of IP development” and release simultaneously around the globe”.

New IP development is earmarked for studios across all three of its operational areas – Europe, North America and Asia. The Western PC sector is picked out for being a particular target for these new brands.

The company also plans to target new areas of the toy market with partnerships involving its existing IP stable.

The report contains various other soundbites including a mission statement to continue creating moving experiences” and aspiring to be an Experiential Innovator”.

In Japan it also plans to consolidate its various operations with workers at Sega Sammy, Sammy, Sega Holdings, Sega Games, Atlus, Sammy Networks and Dartslive all being relocated to the Osaki area. It does specify, however, that all workers – including full-time, contractors, temps and part-time – will be retained.

Physical games, amusement machines, pachinko and animation are named as the core areas of business, with digital games seen as a growth area. Indeed, by 2020 it predicts that digital sales will have outpaced physical sales. Digital revenues are already beating physical ones, incidentally.

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