Shadow of Mordor wants 6GB of video memory for Ultra settings on PC

Planning on maxing out Warner’s Shadow of Mordor on PC? Then you’d best hope you’ve got a very hefty graphics card in your PC.

A screen grab of the game’s graphics settings on NeoGaf reveals that those who want to run it at the ‘Ultra’ preset will need a GPU with a whopping 6GB of video memory.

Users will also need to download an additional ‘Ultra HD Texture Pack’.

There aren’t many of those on the market, either. The now-defunct GTX Titan comes with 6GB as standard, while some third party manufacturers have stuffed 6GB on cards such as the GTX 780 or AMD 7970.

Even Nvidia’s new GTX 900 series only offers 4GB out of the box.

Beyond that, to run Shadow of Mordor at ‘High’ it’ll need 3GB of VRAM, ‘Medium’ requires 2GB and ‘Low 1GB.

Yesterday it was revealed that the PC version of Bethesda’s The Evil Within demands a hefty 4GB of VRAM.

Times are most definitely a’ changing…

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