Shenmue 3 can’t promise 60fps but can promise ‘cute’ and ‘sexy’ girls

Series creator Yu Suzuki has said that he can’t promise 60fps performance in Shenmue 3, although he seems he can guarantee that its female characters will be sexually attractive.

For the moment, I’m thinking about 30 frames per second,” he told DualShockers when asked about the game’s PS4 framerate. 60 might be too difficult, but I’m not sure yet.”

However, while Suzuki cannot confirm how the game will appear technically, he is ensuring that visually it will tick certain boxes.

They are being improved,” he replied when asking about changes to early character model prototypes. The person who originally created Shenhua, is collaborating with us on her character. Thanks to him, Shenhua is looking a lot cuter.

There will be many new characters. There are the four main bosses. There will be Lan Di from the previous games, and two more fighters. The fourth, on the other hand is a strategist, and she will using more cunning than head on fighting. She is an extremely beautiful and sexy, but cruel woman.”

And then when asked about romance in the game, the developer added: Yes, it will be an important topic in Shenmue III, and I will try to portray the differences in how men and women think in the game.”

Suzuki then went on to admit that he himself isn’t really a gamer.

I don’t really play other games, because if you play games it’s too easy to be influenced by them, and even if it is unintentional, one ends up losing their originality. On the other hand, I’m watching movies,” he admitted.

The difference in approach to both female representation and wider equality issues between Eastern and Western game developers is not only widening but increasingly being brought into focus.

While games such as Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, Tomodachi Lifeand Dead or Alive find themselves clashing with modern Western values, American and European developers such as Blizzard, EA,Ubisoft and NetherRealm have openly adopted a more balanced approach to gender representation and sexual orientation, no doubt spurred by the efforts of vocal critics such as Anita Sarkeesian.

Last month UK industry veteran Andy Payne said that there was no longer any excuse for the sector’s inequality blind spot.And Japanese companies should not go completely without praise, with Sonyand Square Enix in particular making some very positive moves in the right direction.

It was revealed yesterday that the Western release of Wii U title Project Zero: Maiden of Black Waterwill ditch the skimpy costumesfound in the Japanese release in favour of less revealing Nintendo-themed clothing.

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