Shiny Media enters administration

Shiny Media, once one of the leading figures in the new media digital content movement, has entered administration – though rumours suggest that new owners may already be in place.

MCV can confirm the news first Tweeted by co-founder and current Shiny freelancer Katie Lee, who stated earlier today that:

Looks like everyone knows Shiny Media has gone into administration. Still not entirely sure what’s going on tbh. Sorry for all writers.”

Anna Leach of Shiny Media’s blog ShinyShiny also Tweeted a stark "bloody hell" followed some hours later by "Shiny Shiny is *sob* on hold, while parent company shiny media sorts itself out. Sorry darlings! hope to be back soon".

And Oliie Irish of fellow Shiny site WhoAteAllThePies also noted this morning that he had been locked out of all access to the site.

However, Katie Lee later added: As far as I know, Shiny Media has already been bought (before I even knew it had gone into administration). So hopefully some jobs OK.”

Covent Garden based Shiny was still recruiting new writers as recently as last month.

Attempts to contact members of the Shiny team have proved fruitless, with MCV being told by Shiny HQ that the entire team is out today”.

Shiny operated a number of popular games blogs including WiiWii, Xboxer, HDTVuk and Tech Digest. It was also until recently the owner of Gary Cutlack’s network of blogs (including UK Resistance and Idiot Toys) though these portals appear to have moved to what Cutlack describes as a wholly-owned subsidiary site” last month.

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