Shovel Knight Amiibo hitting Europe a month before US

Developer Yacht Club Games has announced a December 11th release for the Shovel Knight figure in Europe. However, it won’t be hitting North America until January 8th. It will be priced at 10.99 and $12.99 respectively.

It was an agonizing decision, as production difficulties forced us to choose between rushing to ship a tiny, insufficient number of Amiibo units before Christmas, or ship a good healthy supply of stock to North America just after Christmas,” the studio said of the release date disparity.

We’ve received hundreds of emails bemoaning the difficulty in finding some of your favourite Amiibo, racing for a pre-order window, issues with scalpers, having trouble unlocking the new features you want to play; so, we made the decision to launch the Amiibo in January so there would be enough units available. Hopefully, this later date will make buying a Shovel Knight amiibo easy and fair for everyone.”

The developer also warned consumers not to import the figure across borders.

If you’re interested in picking up the Shovel Knight amiibo, then we’d like to implore you to wait for it to release in your territory,” it added. There will be plenty and it will not be a limited run, so please don’t feel pressured into importing or buying from scalpers. Don’t spend more than the retail price!

Also, keep in mind the new Shovel Knight amiibo features will not function on your game system in your territory until the listed release date. Thank you everyone for your patience.”

The Amiibo itself will unlock additional content in both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game (although whether that will be used is another question), including new challenge stages and character customisation options. These characters can then be carried between each version. Cooperative multiplayer is also offered as a Wii U-exclusive option.

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