Skybound CEO: ‘We want 100% Telltale staff to finish the Walking Dead’

Another positive in the saga surrounding Telltale’s near-total collapse and the subsequent rescue of the Walking Dead – and temporary reprieve for staff who were let go from the studio: Skybound aims to hire as many of them for the project as possible.

In a Reddit AMA, Skybound CEO Ian Howe and Kent Mudle (former Telltale creative director) explained a few of the whys and hows behind the Walking Dead’s final season actually getting finished.

Answering a question on the timeline of finishing development of the Walking Dead, Howe wrote: “I can’t give you a definitive answer at the moment. What I can say is that the team is not currently working on the game and until we’re back into production, it’s going to be nearly impossible to give an accurate answer.

“What I can say is that we will announce new dates as soon as we know what they are, there is no reason for us to hold that information back, so it will be public immediately that we can talk about it with confidence.”

When development does kick into gear, though, Howe hopes it will be entirely made by original Telltale staffers brought back to the project: “The plan is for it to be staffed 100% by former Telltale staff,” he wrote, “The only time we’d look elsewhere is if we can’t fill a particular role from former TT people.”

Also, the team is working to get worldwide player choice stats – those things that make you feel bad when you realise you were a naughty beggar when 96 per cent of others playing the game around the world chose the kinder option – back online. Phew.

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