Skyrim Rags to Riches is compelling viewing

ADD TO YOUR BOOKMARKS: Olaf is a simple man with simple needs. Who likes shooting animals in the arse.

He’s the brainchild of Future writer Andy Kelly. Having shunned the worlds of crime, magic and quests, Olaf (a simple Nord with simple tastes) has one ambition in life – to own his own property in Skyrim.

Specifically, a house called Proudspire in the capital Solitude that costs 25,000 coins. Which in Skyrim is A LOT of coin. Particularly if you’re an honest, hard-working Nord.

Olaf lives by a number of pre-determined rules:

  • Start the game with no money, gear, or skills
  • Earn 25,000 gold to buy Proudspire Manor in Solitude
  • No quests allowed, unless they’re completely mundane
  • Eat three meals a day, and get at least nine hours of sleep in a bed every night
  • No fast travel. If Olaf needs to get somewhere, he has to go on foot
  • Olaf can’t cast spells or wear heavy armour. He can only use basic weapons
  • He will only ever kill another person in self-defence

Also starring is Olaf’s trusty hound, Cabbage. But we won’t tell you what happens to him as it genuinely made us really sad.

Skyrim: Rags to Riches began life as a print and YouTube series on CVG but has gone on to become video-only. You can subscribe to the really-far-more-compelling-than-it-should-be series right here.

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