Skyrim’s Dragonborn hits Xbox 360 today, announced for PC/PS3 in 2013

Bethesda has confirmed the next DLC offering for Skyrim will suffer the same platform launch disparity that all of the game’s currently released content packs have so far.

Skyrim’s Dragonborn content pack is set to arrive on Xbox Live later today, but won’t be making it to PC or Playstation 3 until sometime early next year according to a post on Bethesda’s blog.

The first two DLC offerings, Hearthfire and Dawnguard, were given brief exclusivity windows on Xbox 360, with PC receiving respective releases around a month after each original launch.

PS3 owners have yet to see any pieces of content beyond the base game, though Bethesda recently assured they are working through difficulties and hope to eventually make it happen.

"The PS3 is a powerful system, and we’re working hard to deliver the content you guys want," a company administrator wrote on the game’s official forums via Polygon. "Dawnguard is obviously not the only DLC we’ve been working on either, so the issues of adding content get even more complicated. This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content."

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