Slender Rising tries to recapture Eight Pages horror on your iOS device, free version available

Developer Michael Hegemann has released his take on the hugely popular Slender Man game Slender.

Called Slender Rising, the 1.49 download (a free version is also available) follows the template laid down by free PC outing Slender in that players are tasked with finding pages scattered throughout both the Cursed Ruins or Desolate Town levels.

Everything is powered by Unreal Engine and uses fog to evoke a Silent Hill type atmosphere.

Two game modes are included – The Endless Stare mode in which capture at the hands of Slender Man himself is an inevitability and A Chance to Escape which, as the name suggests, offers the players the chance of survival if they find all of the notes.

A full version of PC game Slender, called Slender: The Arrival, is due out on PC some time later this year.

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