Snapshot Games reports 191% return on Phoenix Point following Epic Games Store deal

A Fig financial backer of Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point has revealed the game has already seen a 191 per cent return on investment (ROI) following a “cash advance” raised by “Snapshot’s distribution agreement” with Epic Games.

“Snapshot’s distribution agreement has brought in significant resources and we are excited to share that this has benefitted investors in addition to raising the quality of the final game,” stated an email from Fig distributed to all investors. “Since the received cash advance contributes to the game’s revenue, it will be shared with investors as per our licensing agreement with Snapshot. Additionally, investment returns will continue to accrue with sales of the game.”

High-tier Fig backers not only get rewards for crowdfunding game development but also take a share in its profits, too. After analysing the Form 1-K filings Fig made for the years ending September 30, 2017 and 2018, Resetera contributors calculated the game would have to generate sales of $588,235 to break even for investors. To return at 191 per cent after Fig takes its share, the game would have to make $2,247,058 – or $2.25m if you round it up. Snapshot has, however, disputed this to MCV.

“None of the attempts we’ve seen to reverse engineer the details of our deal have been even remotely accurate,” a Snapshot spokesperson told MCV.

PC players have been unhappy with a number of Epic Games Store’s exclusivity deals. Steam’s recent anti-review bomb measures kicked in two weeks ago to remove in excess of 4000 negative reviews from 2K’s Borderlands and Borderlands 2 Steam storefronts after fans hit back at 2K’s decision to enter into an exclusivity partnership with the Epic Store for Borderlands 3 on PC.

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