So why is Prey called Prey?

The only connection between Bethesda’s new Prey and the 2006 original appears to be the name. So why use the name at all?

That was the question put to Raphael Colantonio, the creative director at developer Arkane, by GameSpot.

Well it was a matter of, first of all it’s hard to find a name for a game, and it’s a good name,” he said.

"I think the association that people have about Prey is that it’s about aliens on a space station, and it’s a first-person game. As we started it, the name was available, and the connections were easy to be made. We just thought, ‘Okay, makes sense,’ so there we go.

"The high level concept is similar enough that it made sense to do that."

Colantino has previously been clear about the fact that the new Prey is not a remake or a sequel and has no ties with the previous game other than in name.

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