Sold Out eyes publisher Top Ten by the end of first quarter

Boxed specialist Sold Out says that it will be in the publisher Top Ten rankings by the end of Q1. The company says that it predicts strong sales of the physical release of Sniper Elite 4 – developed by Oxford-based Rebellion – as well as the boxed version of Kickstarter darling Yooka-Laylee.

Sold Out began life in February 2014, and generated 4m in turnover, and is targeting 18m-to-20m for its third year in business.

In the last three years we have come from a small operation to something that I think will be a Top Ten publisher for this first quarter,” MD Garry Williams said.

Nobody else has a line-up like it that I’m aware of. Sniper Elite 4, then Yooka-Laylee boxed release will propel Sold Out into the ‘triple-A’ stratosphere of worldwide publishing. Demonstrating that with controlled overheads and enough passion together we can still compete with the biggest publishing names.

The fact that the lion’s share of the revenue is going to the developer, there’s no loss of IP for the developer, no claim on digital rights whilst utilising an open and transparent business model is of the greatest pleasure to Sold Out.”

He added: Sold Out thank all those who have chosen to work with us over the early years, co-incidentally the revenues generated have been reinvested to ensure that in 2017-2018 we once again double our growth. We do the ‘heavy lifting in operating a boxed publishing model’ and would love more developers to contact us.”

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