Some Dead Island: Riptide codes are accidentally redeeming Dark Souls on Steam

A number of consumers have this morning taken to the internet to complain about a problem with some UK versions of Dead Island: Riptide.

The Steam forums carry complaints from several users who tried to redeem the Steam code found in their copy of the game only to find that they have instead received a copy of Namco Bandai’s Dark Souls.

To the best of my knowledge this issue would affect retail copies in the United Kingdom and Nordic countries,” a rep said on the Steam forums.

Dark Souls in an amazing game but you probably bought Dead Island Riptide to play Dead Island Riptide! For those of you who don’t know this, Dark Souls is not a Deep Silver game. We are aware of this mix up by whoever printed these codes for a completely different game from a different publisher and are working on a best possible solution to help affected players and retailers.

We’ve worked with Steam to resolve this issue. If you are getting your retail copy of Dead Island Riptide today, the code will work properly. If you had redeemed it and received Dark Souls instead, please contact Steam support. They are aware of the issue and will make sure the correct game will be attached to your account.”

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