Sonic’s next game is a one-handed smartphone title

The next game to star Sonic the Hedgehog will be a smartphone title named Sonic Runners.

Polygon reports that the 2D side-scrolling runner will feature stages that can be completed in a minute or two, with emphasis placed on one-handed gameplay. Sonic will in the game move forward automatically, with players tapping to make him jump.

Other elements will be familiar, however, such as loop-the-loops and ring collecting. The likes of Tails and Knuckles will also feature as unlockable characters.

The trailer, which you can see below, says the game is due out this spring, although Polygon says that Famitsu reckons it will hit japan this month.

Sonic’s no stranger to mobiles, having appeared in the likes of Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump in recent years, and a string of other titles throughout the formative years of mobile gaming.

Here’s the trailer:

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