Sony adopts ‘PlayStation thinking’

SCE global boss Kaz Hirai has revealed that part of his job description is to promote ‘PlayStation thinking’ throughout other Sony divisions.

Hirai also manages Sony’s Networked Products & Services Group, which includes PlayStation, as well as personal computers and electronics, as well as their relevant design and development arms.

When asked if ‘PlayStation thinking’ would infiltrate the rest of Sony, Hirai told The Times:

This is one of the things that Howard [Stringer] has tasked myself and Kunimasa Suzuki to do at NPSG, where the majority of the sales and visibility, if you will, comes from the PlayStation business.

Since I manage both there’s obviously going to be a bit of a ruboff from how I run the PlayStation business. and how that’s going to impact how Kuni’s going to be running the Vaio business, and because of the cross-pollination that I wanted I’ve asked Kuni to become second in command at SCE. So there’s a lot of cross- pollination going on at management level.”

He added:

I certainly wanted to make sure that the kind of corporate culture, the atmosphere if you will, the kind of information sharing, the openness that I think I’ve been able to impart on SCE, I want to make sure that that culture extends to NPSG, and by extension if it’s a culture that breeds success, then it should naturally extend into other parts of Sony as well.”

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