Sony and SE did nothing about bricked PS3s

PS3 manufacturer Sony and publisher Square Enix are being taken to court over claims that recent RPG release Final Fantasy XIII is causing the PlayStation console to stop working.

Furthermore, the lawsuit filed by Californian gamer Daniel Wolf claims that both defendants are eminently aware of the damage being cause by their defective products, and have chosen to do nothing about it”.

IGN reports that Wolf’s lawyers reckon FFXIII caused severe and widespread damage” leading affected machine to freeze and become totally and permanently inoperable”.

The problems are said to occur when users try and save the game, leaving the PS3 unable to play any other media” even after a restart.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that, well aware of the problem, Sony chose to blame FFXIII game discs whereas Square Enix reckons the problem stems from the PS3 hardware itself.

Damages of $5m are being sought.

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