SONY: Batman and GTA exclusives confirmed for PS3

Exclusive content and bundles for major third-party games are coming to PlayStation 3.

Sony’s Jack Tretton announced the platform holder is rekindling its partnership with Warner Bros to bring PS3 owners exclusive skins for Batman: Arkham Origins, including one based on the classic 1960s TV show.

Both previous Arkham titles have had PlayStation-exclusive content.

Meanwhile, Sony has joined forces with Rockstar to create a new PS3 bundle to coincide with Grand Theft Auto V.

The new SKU will launch on September 17th – same as the game – and will include both GTA V and a GTA-branded headset. It will be price at $299 in the US.

Tretton claimed that Batman and Grand Theft Auto are just two of the 300 titles heading to PlayStation consoles by the end of the year.

Later in the conference, Sony’s VP for third party relations Adam Boyes announced Diablo III would receive exclusive items on PS3 and PS4 based on Sony franchises, such as Drake’s Amulet from Uncharted.

He also promised further exclusives from Blizzard in future.

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