Sony confident on PSPgo price point

PSPgo’s high retail price won’t have a negative impact on the system sales, says SCEE CEO Andrew House.

Speaking in an interview (seen via Destructoid), House stated that Europe isn’t as driven by price as other territories, and are more concerned about long lifecycles and value proposition.

"If it’s cheaper would we sell more? The answer would probably be yes,” said House.

"I think on PlayStation 3, and the potential with an extension of PSP, we’ve got an opportunity to go even further on that. The overall value proposition which, by the way, European consumers get very, very well, I don’t think they are as price driven as other markets.

"So the overall value proposition is really strong and trends towards that lifecycle. And then you’ve got for the first time a networked community for the business and the strength that implies.

"That’s a huge factor in retaining people for a longer lifecycle with the product they have, because now they’ve bought into not just a packaged media relationship with games, but they’re bought into a community that they’re sharing with people and they’re interacting with."

The PSPgo price is set at 250 Euros, with a UK price to be determined.

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