Sony confirms Kinect-like voice and gesture control for PS4

PS4 users will be able to control some elements of the console using gestures and voice.

The news, Engadget reports, comes from the Tokyo Game Show.

It is understood that Sony’s PlayStation Eye was at one stage a compulsory element of the console that was to be bundled with the machine. Sony, it is believed, decided to cut the camera from its hardware SKU to ensure it could undercut Microsoft’s Xbox One RRP.

While Microsoft has placed Xbox One’s Kinect control right at the heart of the machine’s offer, Sony has chosen a different strategy – perhaps understandably, considering the PR battle Kinect has been having for years.

That PS4 will now offer at least some of this functionality is yet another feather in the console’s PR hat. Sony hasn’t yet confirmed the extent of this functionality, although it is unlikely to be as deep as that seen on Microsoft’s machine.

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