Sony could overcome LG injunction

The surprise injunction won by LG against PS3 platform holder Sony earlier this week may have disrupted the company’s European console shipments, but Sony could yet find an easy way of shipping the hardware into the Continent.

The Guardian reports that European patent laws are enforced on a country-by-country basis. LG’s legal victory currently only applies in The Netherlands.

Currently Sony brings the majority of its PS3 consoles into Europe via Rotterdam and Amsterdam, but if it could secure an alternative arrangement then normal deliveries could commence. LG could, however, choose to pursue injunctions in other EU states.

The potential for a legal game of cat-and-mouse is obvious, and logistically re-routing 100k machines a week will undoubtedly be a headache for Sony – though likely less of a headache than losing its European revenues.

To date MCV has only received the following short statement from Sony: "We are investigating the situation, but cannot comment on it at this time."

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